About FeiMeiPresents

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers

Feifei and I used to be colleagues in a company,and running a flower shop is a dream shared by both of us.
After the resignation of the company, we went to major flower academies to study floriculture,and took the leap to follow our dreams by launching a flower shop.

In our shop, We are both florists, waiters and porters.
Although we are tired every day, we all feel very happy. When customers have received our floral products and cards, their smile given us so much energy.

Besides selling flowers, we also make dried flowers and dried flower handicrafts. We will continue to introduce more works related to flowers.

Every gift will be carefully made and delivered to you. And thank you for your support!

In order to create a better shopping environment and more new product ideas for our customers, we have created our own website. In addition to the website you're browsing right now, we also have ETSY's eponymous website, which was created in 2018 and has sold 10,000+ orders so far.